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Muninmax offers in addition to the supply of machines and equipment, also complete service. We consider “servicing” as the essential point in our line of action. A service of supervisory and skilled assistance on-site is available during plant installation and turnkey responsibility is accepted, if required.  Our engineers are present on site during both mechanical commissioning and process start-up when operating conditions are optimized, guaranteed performance demonstrate and assistance give in training plant operators.


The start-up marks the first important step in life time of a machine or equipment. The professional installation of the machine is the prerequisite for efficient use and longevity of the equipment.

We recommend, even considering comprehensive technical skills on customers’ side, the support of an experienced and skilled service specialist of Muninmax before during the first hours of operation. Our service staff will help you to avoid inherent errors and give detailed explanation on the use of the technical documentation The assistance of our service specialists is also recommendable for the first start up after maintenance work, modification or longer shutdowns.

Unparalleled expertise from service ensures that all equipment supplied and commissioned correctly and safely. Our highly skilled engineers give customers reassurance along with the added advantage of significant saving from minimized repair and maintenance costs. In addition, we ensure that systems are installed and commissioned to operate at their highest potential. Our goal is to get each project up quickly and efficiently.

Spare Parts

The fast supply of spare parts is decisive in order to secure your production.

We have fully stocked spare parts warehouses, in order to ship them at any time to any place in the world – for us, that’s a given.

But, as in most cases customer-specific spare parts do cause production breakdown, we analyze these parts together with you and elaborate recommendations regarding reasonable procurement. We deliver the required components quickly and reliably.