Cooker & Cooler

Low Pressure Extractor

General criteria

Some liquid food – for example, beer, fruit juice, low acid juice and solid fruit, are pasteurized after filling into the container. Hot water is normally used if the food is packaged in a glass, PET, or plastic pouch to reduce the risk of thermal shock or crack to the container, or fracture caused by rapid changes in temperature. Maximum temperature differences between the container and media (hot water/steam) must be considered to match with product quality and shelf life.

Pasteurizer is a relatively mild treatment, usually performed below 100°C which is used to extend the shelf life from several months until more than a year. It preserves food by the inactivation of Enzymes and destruction of relatively heat-sensitive micro-organisms but causes a minimal change in sensory characteristics, or nutritive value of food. The severity of the heat treatment and the resulting extension of shelf life is determined mostly by the pH of the food. The main purpose of this cooker water bath recommends a pH below 4.5. In low-acid food (pH >4.5), our recommendation is to use the steam or hot water retort that is cooked under pressurization so it can be sterilization over 100°C till 140°C


Design criteria


For high acid, acid or acidified food particulate like slice, tidbit, chunk, crushed or small size whole fruit product with media packings like own juice or syrup ratio of drain weight 70-90% filling in containers such as Canned, Plastic cup, plastic pouch, Glass jars with lug cap, etc.



Up to 300 for Canned, cup, jars/minutes of 4 fl oz  – 30 fl oz

Up to 30 for Canned, Pouch / Minutes of 108 fl oz – 170 fl oz


Temperature Profile and Thermal heat design

Pasteurized temp. and holding time is depending on product pH, F0 valve as follow.


Container in put temperature

30 – 40°C

Hot water temperature

90 – 100°C

Product Pasteurizer temperature (CT)           

83 – 90°C

Holding time is in range   

7-10 minute,

Hot water temperature distribution (TD)        


Product heating penetration (HP)

8 – 10 minutes

Container out put temperature

10 – 40°C

First bath is cooked process that is standard atmospheric pressurized (ATM*see note 1) cooked, the heating media (Hot water) temperature about 95-100 ºC is saturated water then steam to heat water will be sensible heating so heat Triangle Theory utilize for steam consumption otherwise will be saturate steam/vapor then effect to steam economic. That is to say heat load consumption along the hot water bath is much difference as the first zone is heating up second and the third zone are final Heat and Holding zone. Therefore steam equipment to support heat Triangle theory must be separated in to 3 zone is most necessary

To be controlled microbiological killed in pasteurization process, Hot water temperature difference (TD) is significance must be not different ±1.5 ºC

Second baths are cooling process to cool down product and container to be maintain product tasty, brownish and flavor. Detail as follow

•First/third is warm water basin 50-60 ºC for glass container to reduce the risk thermal shock

•Second/third is cooling water basin 30-35 ºC then cool down the product out put to 38-42 ºC

•Third is chilling water basin 5-10 ºC then cool down the product out put to 10-15 ºC


Cooker/cooker continuous process with Flight carrier

• Carrier is tailor made designed to kind, sizing and shape of container. The container must be locked to container then continuous carry as speed timing design to protect container slip or Floating while transportation throughout cocking and cooling process

• Carrier is mounting on roller chain carrier. Both end of them are Bushing attachment to be swing round around 60 degree every other 400 mm. of their transportation to Profitable of turbulence consequence good heat transfer coefficient

• Center distance of carrier pitch must be consider to swing angle and utilization capacity

Hot water and cooling water is counter flow to container transportation circulation by high flow low head pump to profitable of heat transfer coefficient  also temperature distributing (TD) and Heat penetration (HP) as well


Note 1* atmospheric pressure (1 Atm.)
= 1.013 bar, = 1013 millibars (mbar), = 101325 Pascal (Pal) ; =101 kPa = 760 millimeters of mercury absolute (mmHgA) = 760 Torr (1 Torr = 1 mm HgA) = 29.92 inches of mercury absolute (“HgA),=14.7 pounds per square inch absolute (lb/in2,PSIA)


Cooker/ cooler water bath composition with as follow main equipment

  1. AISI 304 Base frame and structure.
  2. AISI 304 Basin for cooker is made of 3 mm. thk, cooler is made of 2 mm. thk.
  3. Cooker lid is made of AISI 304 1 mm. thk.
  4. Cooker hood is made of AISI 304 2 mm. thk.
  5. Chain conveyor, Roller and link plate is made of AISI 304/ Bushing & pin is made of AISI 420
  6. Carrier is made of AISI 304
  7. Multi complete set of AISI 304 shaft, sprocket and plummer block ball bearing
  8. Complete set of geared motor
  9. Insulated with AISI 304 cladding for hot water & chiller basin and for steam pipe line
  10. AISI 304 internal piping line for steam, condensate, cooling water & chilling water.

Electrical , Instrument and HMI programmable controller

  1. Complete set of 3 loop automatic modulating steam control with RTD & PID control set c/w steam injector direct or steam coil indirect
  2. Complete set of 1 loop automatic modulating chilling water with RTD & PID control set
  3. 8 set mechanical thermometer gauge (MIG) for hot water 6 and for cooling water 2
  4. Complete set of hot water level control set
  5. Circular chart, 4 pen recorder or paperless recorder is an option
  6. Frequency inverter for adjustable speed of cooking & cooling time
  7. HMI touch operation for controlling/Indicating/Data locking/Diagnostic & Fail safe for flow rate pressure level and temperature etc.

Container feeding and is by manually, automatic is further optional.

Schematic Flow Chart


3D Model