Aseptic Bulk Filler

Aseptic Bulk Filler

The Muninmax Bulk Filler machine is designed to fill fluids, low-acid and high-acid single strength, concentrated and particulate products into appropriate containers under aseptic conditions


The Aseptic bulk filler is designed to fill up to 20 – 1,000 liters (6 – 300 gallons). Capacity depends on the bag size, product supply facilities, pressure, and operator skill


– With the spout size 1-inch filling head as standard for filling liquid, concentrated and particulate size products that are less or equal to 6 mm3


– With the spout size 2-inch filling head as optional for filling particulate size of products larger than 6 mm3

* Machine cycles :There are three main operating cycles: Machine sterilization, Filling, and Cleaning. All these cycles work automatically


* Machine sterilization cycle :Aseptic chamber and all contacted materials parts are sterilized by either steam or hot water form sterilizer e.g. UHT


* Filling cycle :The filling cycle is divided into a manual preparation part and an automatic filling part


Manual preparation


1) The operator takes an aseptic bag, pushes and holds a bag’s spout clamp button, pushes a bag’s spout into the filling head, and releases the bag’s spout clamp button


2) The operator presses a button to start the conveyor to move a drum into the position underneath the filling head


3) Now that the aseptic filler is ready in the filling position, the operator presses the push button “START FILL”


Automatic filling


4) Lifting table ascends to pre-filling level


5) Steam flows to sterilize the bag’s spout and cap at a preset temperature and time


6) Capper jaws grip the bag’s cap, pull it from the spout, and swing out from the center position


7) The filling valve moves down, inserted into the bag spout, then opens to let product flow into the aseptic bag


8) During the product filling, the lifting table descends to different levels depending on the filling weight to avoid any stress on the bag


9) When the filling weight reaches the required preset net weight, the filling valve closes, and steam is injected into the bag to clean the inside area of the spout


10) Steam flows to sterilize the bag’s spout and outside surface of the filling valve, before moving back into the aseptic chamber


11) Filling valve moves up


12) Capper swings into the center position, pushes and presses the cap tightly back onto the spout


13) The bag’s spout is released from the spout clamps.


14) The completely filled bag descends on the lifting table to be taken away by the roller conveyor


All of the filling steps take place in the controlled sterile condition. The lifting table is hydraulic, and the manipulating devices are operated by pneumatic cylinders. The steam valve are solenoids operated


Control system


All of the operating sequences are controlled by PLC. The lifting table levels are detected by proximity switches. Weight is detected by load cells as standard, and by volumetric or mass flow meter as an option. Machine sterilization and filling cycle are safeguarded by making the machine sterilization cycle automatically restarted from the beginning or the filling cycle stopped when the temperature drop below the set point


* Cleaning cycle :The filling machine is designed for CIP. Cleaning in line with sterilizer from UHT or CIP central that supply by others


* AUTO DIAGNOSTICS :This is necessary for the individuation of eventual breakdowns. In this case, an alarm appears on the screen to indicates what exactly the problem is and where it has occurred. In this way, the operator can intervene in real time and correctly to solve the problem


* FAIL SAFE SYSTEM :This is for the continuous auto controlling of the sterile conditions of the plant. In the case of an unexpected lack of sterility, the machine defends itself by leaving production and notifying the operator of the problem. The PLC will give consent to return to production only after all the parameters necessary for sterility have been reset






– Supporting frame made of galvanize steel
– Column and Upper frame made of AISI 304
– Parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316 stainless steel
– CIP circuit and sterilization circuit made of AISI 304
– Steam line and valve group
– Motorized roller conveyor made of AISI 304 and frame made by galvanize steel
– Hydraulic lifting table made of galvanize steel
– Operator footbridge with access stairway, handrail made of AISI 304 and frame made of galvanized steel
– Electrical panel made of 304 stainless steel, automatic PLC control, HMI touch operation, electrical and pneumatic system.
– Load cell

– In-feed and Out-feed conveyor
A motorized/gravity conveyor for in-feed and out-feed drum/bin designed to match with customer’s layout



– Mobile table for 5-20 liters (1-6 gallons) bags
The table is installed on the supporting frame of the filler. In that case, fill a small bag of 5-20 liters



– Weight measurement
The weight measurement standard designed is the load cell and optional inclusion is the electromagnetic flow meter or mass flow meter



– Self-sterilization system and self-CIP system
The system is hookup with Aseptic bulk filler to be able to sterilize and clean by itself


– Automatic drum palletizer
The drum pallets are used in the case of high production capacity to assist in handling drums onto pallets with overhead crane and hoist systems