FEC Centrifugal Pump

FEC Centrifugal Pump

The FEC pump is a highly efficient and economical centrifugal pump which meets the requirements of sanitary and gentle product treatment and chemical resistance. FEC is available in three sizes, FEC-5, FEC-10, FEC-25

The FEC pump is equipped with either and external single or a flushed shaft seal. Both have stationary seal rings in acid-resistant steel AISI 316 with sealing surface in silicon carbide and rotating seal rings in carbon

The secondary seal of the flushed seal is a long lasting lip seal

Product wetted steel parts       :           Acid-resistant steel AISI 316L

Other steel part                        :           Stainless steel AISI 304

Finish                                       :           Semi bright

Product wetted seals               :           EPDM rubber

Max. inlet pressure                  :           1000 kPa (10 bar)

Temperature range                  :           -10°C to + 140°C (EPDM)

Noise level (at 1 m)                  :           60 – 80 dB (A).

Flushed seal :

            Water pressure            :           Normally atmospheric (max. 1 bar)

            Water consumption      :           0.25 – 0.5 l/min

Standard foot-flanged motor according to the IEC metric standard, 2 pole = 3000 rpm. at 50 Hz, IP 55, insulation class F

Voltage and frequency

(3~,50 Hz, 220-240V Δ / 380-420VY ≤ 4 kW)

(3~,50 Hz, 380-420V Δ / 660-690VY ≥ 5.5 kW)