• Still retort with combined shell and tube heat exchanger and water spray is a new, outstanding, and economic thermal processing system

• It is suitable for all kinds of hermetically sealed food containers – such as tin can, glass jar, pouch

• Quick heating and uniform distribution

• Considerably low steam and cooling water consumption

• Rapid and even cooling

• Safe counter-pressure control during every sequence of the process

• Steady optimal operation

• Assure process fidelity

• Sterile process water with shell and tube heat exchanger

• Automatic control for every sequence of operation with PLC and HMI(Touch Operation)

  ° Selectable no limited preset set points of temperature, pressure and cooking cooling time

  ° Process parameters such as temperature, pressure, Water level automatically monitored on the HMI, and Circular paper recorder


• Retort vessel


The heat treatment for the product that is to be sterilized takes place in the retort vessel. The main supply of steam, cooling water, and compressed air is connected to the pneumatic actuated stop valves and control valves. The retort vessel is made of stainless steel and insulated to prevent heat loss


• Water circulation and distribution

Process water is stored in the bottom of the retort vessel. A powerful sanitary and distribution centrifugal stainless steel pump ensures that it is completely circulated. The corresponding circulation and spraying system results in the quick attainment of constant, even temperature in the retort vessel


• Valves

The stop and control valves are actuated by air pressure. They are normally closed by spring action. The signal to open/close them is from PLC. In case of power failure, sterilization can continue manually.

• Stand-by position: Cages of product are unloading and reloading from/into vessel

• Heating and Venting


After having closed and blocked the door against accidental opening, the process is started. The circulating pump starts and sucks the water into the bottom of the vessel. The circulating water passes through a strainer, and heat exchanger and is atomized through the spraying nozzles which are distributed over the cages from top and sides along the pipe manifold inside the vessel. The steam is supplied to the shell side of the heat exchanger via a control valve. The control valve modulates steam to control the circulating water temperature and temperature about 120c to 135c (depending on product pH, F0 target, and packing container sizing), then the air venting valve will open and will be closed automatically after venting process time is reached (about 10-15 minutes). Meanwhile, the compressed air is also supplied to the vessel via a control valve which controls the counter pressure in the vessel.

• Holding

After reaching the set point values of temperature and counter pressure, they are kept constant for the preset programmed time ( about 45 to 90 minutes depending on product pH, F0 target, and packing container sizing)

• Cooling

Products are cooled by spraying the circulating processed water over the containers inside the vessel. Now the cooling water is supplied to the shell side of the heat exchanger instead of the steam. The compressed air is still supplied and controls the counter pressure. The cooling time (about 30 to 45minutes) is also automatically monitored by PLC

• End of Process : The process has finished. The door can be opened and the cages can be unloaded

A Basket capacity is 1 x 1 x 1 meter to contain or stack the packaging container, and the standard capacity is 6 baskets.

• Capacity 3 baskets and 8 baskets

• Steam still Retort is available

• Basket Rotary is available

• Motorized conveyor to moving basket in/out


Validation for Heat Distributing / Heat Penetration

Schematic Flow Chart

Temperature & Pressure during operation