Installation and Commissioning

With Muninmax’s service, you can rest assured that the best machine installation service will be delivered. Our highly qualified service technicians are trained to carry out the installation process according to the methods and guidelines in compliance with the customers’ standards- including the processes of offloading, inspecting, assembling, and commissioning the machines. Muninmax’s team carries out the installation process with the utmost professionalism and due care is taken to comply with respective health and safety procedures to ensure the highest safety degree is maintained at all times.

Installing the machines for operation readiness is not the end of our service. Commissioning is another part of Muninmax’s inclusive services for the machines purchased by customers. After delivering the equipment and machines to the customers’ site, Muninmax’s skilled technicians and specialists will assemble the equipment and carry out the commissioning process. The scope of commissioning activities depends on the needs of customers; the usual scope of commissioning at the customer’s site for Muninmax’s machines and equipment includes- function testing, commercial testing, and commercial run. Our trained technicians will then carry out the mechanical and electrical fine-tuning if necessary for the systems during the commissioning process.

Check Up

Equipment check-ups are essential for several reasons- safety, performance, and even required by law in some cases. Routine check-ups for your machines can help prevent issues such as leakage, breakdown, and blockage- all of which can cause high risks to the operation. The duration between each check-up and how often the equipment is needed to be checked depends on different factors such as the equipment’s nature, the environment where it is used, or how often it has been used. It also depends on the health and safety legislation and guidance to determine how often the machines need to be inspected. To find out more about the checkup needed by your machines, contact Muninmax and leave it to us to take care of the process for you!


New technologies are booming every day in the industry and it may become necessary to change the way your machines work. However, replacing a machine can cause a long idle time and, not to mention, can be very expensive. In such cases, reconditioning is the best possible solution for your business. Through reconditioning, various parts of the machinery can be replaced and restored to their new condition – making the existing machines compatible with new technologies. Reconditioning can also be applied to restore the optimal performance states of your machines and equipment. If reconditioning is what you need for your business, Muninmax’s skilled machinists can help you come up with an extensive and diligent reconditioning process that caters to your needs, depending on the type of equipment and custom modification requested or needed from the customer’s side. 

Spare Parts

No need to look long and hard for the spare parts that will fit your machines like a glove- Muninmax got you cover! All spare parts at Muninmax are manufactured with a high level of precision and underwent a series of intense quality checks. This is to ensure that Munimax’s spare parts will keep your machines and equipment operating at peak efficiency levels and at an extended lifecycle. Our factory’s store area keeps various spare parts ready at hand so that the spare parts will be readily available whenever our customers need them. To order the spare parts needed for your machines to run at optimum state, contact us for more detailed information. 


Products are not the only thing you get when you purchase from Muninmax. We provide our know-how through training to ensure optimum operation facilities at an effective cost and requirements. Effective training is, more often than not, necessary to get a broad understanding of how to maintain and operate the newly installed machines at your site. Training also can help reduce unnecessary costs and avoid unexpected incidents. At Muninmax, we provide different training services- such as operation and maintenance training, as needed by the customers. Training is provided to the machine operators from the customer’s side so that they will feel safe and confident to handle the machines like an expert by themselves. To know more about the types of training provided by Muninmax, contact us now and we will get in touch with you shortly! 

Trouble Shooting

In the line of work, unexpected failures can arise. This is where troubleshooting becomes essential in today’s competitive market. Troubleshooting can help identify and prevent hazardous situations from happening, and improve the working conditions of the factory floor staff. Although seldom, if there ever were any issues related to Muninmax’s product, our experienced troubleshooters can help find the cause of the problem correctly, fix it swiftly, and get the equipment back into operation as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. With years of experience, Muninmax’s troubleshooters have a clear understanding of how the systems work and can spot even the slightest errors in the equipment as they have good attention to detail. We provide the best possible troubleshooting solutions while keeping in mind about the customers’ best interests. Having troubles? Contact us and consider it fixed for you.