UHT Machine/ Pasteurizer

General Application ;

The sterilizer is a facility for food processing to kill microbiological beings before filling into various packaging, in order to obtain a product which can be stored and distributed at ambient or chilled temperature- depending on product’s brand image, brand identity, and marketing requirement


Liquid food product

•Fruit & Vegetable juice or Juice concentrate

• Energy drink

• Other liquid product like coconut water , coconut milk , milk

• Soft drink or non-alcoholic beverage

• Alcoholic beverage products such as Beer, Wine

• Herbal beverage


Viscosity food product

• Paste products like Tomato paste

• Sauce products like Tomato ketchup , Soya sauce


Particulate food product in own juice or syrup or other liquid media

• Light drained weight

• Medium drained weight

• High drained weight


Heat treatment raw material Quality and Handling of Tubular UHT/Pasteurizer;

UHT is the Ultra Heat Temperature processing of liquid product , viscosity product and liquid containing less than 65% particulate product, then combined with aseptic packing is designed to render stabilized during storage at room temperature for up to 12 months. UHT processing aims to produce a commercially sterile product – a product in which microorganisms are unlikely to grow under the normal conditions, of storage. It involves heating the product in a continuous flow system to a high temperature ~100 – 145 ºC and holding that temperature for a short time ~6-60 seconds. This means the lower the temperature, the longer the time. After the holding stage is continuous flow to cooling to 2ºC – 30ºC. So, the designed consider the reason for the difference in quality, distinctly cooked flavor, brownish color, pH of the food and resulting extension of shelf-life.

Remark : Regarding to the pasteurization process, all the principles are the same, just temperature is 63-95 ºC and holding time is 1-30 minutes  

Following types are available

 A : Tubular multi tube in Tube for liquid product

B : Tubular tube (Plain/ Corrugated /Twisting) in Tube for Particulate product.

C : Tubular single tubes in double shell for high viscosity and paste product

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D : Tubular multi tubes in corrugated tube for regenerative system to save heating energy

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Below are criteria for thermal design


• Turbulent flow both on product side and heating media side is advantage for heat-transfer coefficient

• Less Delta-T of Product side & Media side is advantage for fouling reaction

• Product deaeration to prevent oxidation is an advantage for Enzyme brownish reaction processing is product heat to 55-75 ºC then feeding a thin film into a vacuum pressure tank or ventilation tank

• While sterilization, processing in the system has to be pressurized sufficiently to prevent boiling point and if the system is leaking, heating media will not move to contaminate the product

• Preventative cold spot that cause from death air in the system is advantagous for under sterilization processing

• Schematic flow chart : Tubular UHT single tube in Double shell for viscosity and paste product

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• Schematic flow chart : Tubular UHT tube in tube for particulate product


• Schematic flow chart : Tubular UHT multi-tube in tube with Deaerator/Regenerative/ Homogenizer for coconut milk or fat product and other liquid juice product