Behind the Process of Shearing

Shearing is the technique of cutting through a piece of metal sheet with a blade that is most often attached to a machine or a tool. The shearing process includes cutting metal sheets, bars, plates, tubing of various cross-sections, and such into smaller, individual pieces by exposing the materials to shear stress- most often by using a punch and die. The punch and die used may be in various shapes, such as circular or straight blades, in a way similar to a pair of scissors. 

Shearing of sheet, plate or strip of metals is generally classified according to the type of blade used (knife or cutter) as either rotary or straight. Straight-knife shearing method is used to cut flat materials to the required size and shape, usually to produce rectangular or square shapes. However, straight knives can be used to shear triangle and other straight-sided shapes as well. 

Types Of Shearing Machines

There are several types of shearing machines as both mechanical and hydraulic machines can perform the shearing process. Here are some of the shearing machine types that are used in different industries: 

  1. Straight-Knife Shearing Machine 

  1. Hydraulic Shearing Machine 

  1. CNC Shearing Machine 

  1. Pneumatic Shearing Machine 

  1. Rotary Shearing Machine 

  1. Alligator Shearing Machine 

CNC Shearing Machine 

CNC Shearing Machine, or also known as Power Shear or Guillotine Shear, is a shearing machine that uses sharp blades to cut the metal sheets and other materials. The words ‘CNC’ stand for ‘Computer Numerical Control’- meaning that the machine is controlled by a computer program. CNC shearing machines are known for their high efficiency, and are suited for large manufacturing businesses.  

The usual components of a highly efficient CNC shearing machine include- the bed, inserts, fixtures to hold down the material, back gauge, and computerized control systems. Brief explanations of each component are as follows: 

Bed : the base of the machine to support the other components 

Blade : the sharp edge used to cut material 

Hold-down clips : to hold the materials in place during the cutting process 

Backgauge : the device to help control the position of the materials as they are cut 

Control Systems : computer programs controlling the machine 

There are several advantages of using a CNC machine for the shearing process. One of the main advantages is that as CNC machines are operated by computer programs controlling the machine movements and cutting process, it is very accurate compared to other non-computerized machines – making the cuts precise, smooth and consistent. This is an important advantage for industries such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. The operator of the CNC machine can enter the desired cutting parameters into the program, such as the size and placement of the cut. Another advantage would be the speed of the machine, which allows a large quantity of materials to be cut through quickly. CNC machines are also versatile and can be used to cut a wide variety of materials such as metal, stainless steel, aluminum, iron and others.  


At MUNINMAX, we use CNC Shearing Machine to cut metal sheets that are used to produce the products line such as Aseptic Tanks, Buffer Tanks, etc. Our experienced technicians operate the CNC machines to create precise cuts with the right dimensions to ensure the quality and safety of the end products. Watch the video below to find out how MUNINMAX utilize CNC shearing machine to create the materials to be used in the making of tanks. 


Shearing is a process commonly used in many industries- including the manufacturing industry, to cut materials into smaller, individual pieces. Among the different shearing machines available, CNC shearing machine, also used at MUNINMAX, is known to be the powerful and efficient tool to cut metal sheets and other materials in quick and efficient manners as they are controlled by a computer program. Along with the CNC Shearing machine, MUNINMAX use other computerized systems such as laser cutting and CNC shaper machines to ensure the quality and accuracy of the machines and equipment manufactured by the company.