National Candy Day : Origin and Ways to Enjoy

Attention all the sweet tooth in the world, the day has come! It’s National Candy Day on November 4th! In the spirit of celebrating our favorite essential part of childhood, here are some of the background on Candy and how to make this day sweeter than ever! 

History of Candy 

The origin of candy starts in India. The Persians and Greeks learned around the 6th and 4th centuries BC that Indian people had “reeds that can make honey without bees”. These “reeds” were actually sugarcanes that were indigenous to the Southeast Asia region. Sugarcane juice would be boiled and turned into individual sugar pieces which were called ‘khanda’ by the ancient Indians. In ancient China, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and the Middle East, honey was used to coat flowers and fruits to make them into a form of candy. 

Before the Industrial Revolution, candy was used as medicine to soothe sore throat, or to calm the digestive system. In the Middle Ages, candy was mostly consumed by the rich people. 

In the 18th century, candy was first introduced to America from Britain and France. When the Industrial Revolution was in full swing during the 1830s, advancements in technology allowed candy to become more accessible- including a new market specifically for kids. Candy stores became a staple in America, especially in the lives of children all over the country as candy store owners mostly rely on children and families to keep their business running. 

What is National Candy Day? 

National Candy Day is observed every year on November 4th. Although the history or original purpose of this day is not clear, it can be assumed that National Candy Day is to celebrate an integral part of everyone’s childhood. Also since this day is observed 4 days after Halloween Day, the highest day of candy sales, it is also a good way to utilize all the candies that have been gathered during that holiday. 

How to Celebrate National Candy Day? 

Try New Candy 

We all have our favorite type or brand of candy. But what about trying a new candy for a change to celebrate this special day? There are many types of candy with a variety of flavors available. Who knows? The new one might be your favorite you never knew! 

Buy Candy for a Friend 

Good things are better when shared. Make this sweet day even more sweeter by sharing your favorite candy with a friend. Or exchange your favorite candies with colleagues to make this day more festive! 

Create Your Own Candy 

This can be a good way for both businesses and individuals to celebrate National Candy Day. Find a recipe that piques your interest and create a new candy in celebration of this special day! It could be the next big thing for all we know!! 

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